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May 3, 2021

Secure Choice 5

Current Rate 



Rate Guaranteed for 5 Years

Minimum: $10,000

* Penalties are Waived in the event of death.

After the initial 5 year guarantee period, the interest rate is based on current market conditions, but will never be less than 2.00%. Surrender charges expire at the end of the 5 year period forever.


New Era Life Insurance Company
Philadelphia American Life
New Era Life of the Midwest

Form # A-0045R

Secure SavingsÔ ELITE

Current Rate 



Rate Guaranteed for 2 Years

Minimum: $10,000

* At the above rate, NO Free Withdrawals of any type are allowed during the 2 year guarantee rate period.

After the initial 2 year period, the annuity may be renewed with a new interest rate based on market conditions, but will never be less than 1.00%. Surrender charges are renewed for subsequent renewal periods.


SILAC Insurance Company

Formerly: Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company

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A Very Common Wish!

Clients often ask me “Do you think I have too much money in annuities?”

My reply is, “Have you ever asked a banker if you can have too much money in banks?”

A very common comment that I hear all the time from my clients is: “I just wish I had put more money in annuities sooner!”

It’s never too late to put more money in annuities and watch it grow on a tax deferred basis until you decide when and if you want to withdraw it.

Our clients generally range in ages from 50 to 101. Yes, that’s right. We recently had a client 101 years old put money in a 5 year tax deferred annuity.

Here are two great risk free annuities for you to choose from:

The Fisher Agency markets the featured annuities for sale in Texas.  Rates and features are applicable for Texas.