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Danny Fisher, CLU, ChFC
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Form Description\Program

NOTE: As of 6/22/2022, the Platinum Secure 5 is no longer available in Texas and is replaced with the Platinum Assure Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 .  (New Product Training Required)
Platinum Assure Series Highlights & Rates (as of 07/12/2024)2 Pages
Platinum Assure Series Product Brochure2 Pages
Platinum Assure Series Application (Required w/ Application)All Pages
Suitability Questionnaire (Required w/ Application )All Pages
Agent Disclosure (Required w/ Application )2 Pages
Replacement Form (Required w/ Application)2 Pages
W9 (Required w/ Application)1 Page
Transfer Form - (Required w/ Transfer)3 Pages
Replacement  Verification - (Required w/ Transfer)1 Page
Virtual Sales 1 Page
Distribution Form - (Penalty-Free, RMD, Monthly Interest, Partial)3 Pages
RMD Form 2 Pages
Change of Beneficiary Form3 Pages
Agent Contracting FormsRequest by Email
Agent Product Training Instructions1 Page


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