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The following are some links related to tax-deferred annuities.  About external sources.

Monthly Interest Income Chart -  how much monthly income for a given rate for fixed annuities. 

Monthly Interest Amount Calculator(Excel) -  how much monthly income including leap year. 

RMD Chart for IRA's - If owner reaches 70 1/2, how much is the required minimum distribution on your IRA.

  - Immediate Annuity Quotes. Convert one lump sum into guaranteed income for life or for a period you select.

Links to Insurance Companies 

Texas Department or Insurance
 FAQ's on "If My Insurance Company Fails"

Market Report - breaking news and current market data - current rates on Certificate of Deposits (CD) offered by banks.
Best 5-Yr CD's - compare to our Top 10 

MRD Calculator for 2002(updated 2011) - Minimum Required Distribution when client reaches 70 1/2. 
MRD Calculator (General) - for other years

MSN Money - financial site.
    Plan Your Retirement - step by step planning
    Various Tools - how old will I live?, how much do I need?

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