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The following are some articles about tax-deferred annuities.  About external sources.

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Article TitlePublicationAuthorDate
Required Annuity Training Is A Good ThingNUCDanny Fisher02/2010
Gee-Whiz Features Donít Help Annuity SalesNUCDanny Fisher10/2009
Competing for fixed annuities based on fame, commission or rateNUCDanny Fisher06/2009
What's Hot in Fixed AnnuitiesNUCDanny Fisher03/2009
Annuity Ladder Plans has BenefitsDMNScott Burns12/2008
Happy Days / Crazy Days NUCDanny Fisher10/2008
Bad Apples, Annuities And The NAIC NUCDanny Fisher02/2008
Low Annuity Rates: Why This Agent Is Smiling NUCDanny Fisher09/2007
Fixed Annuity Rates Need Fixing NUCDanny Fisher02/2007
Answering Questions About Annuities Calls For Sound Judgment NUCDanny Fisher10/2006
Why Partial Transfers of NQ Annuities Can Make SenseNUCDanny Fisher02/2006
Not All Partial Transfers of NQ Transfers Are Treated The SameNUCDanny Fisher10/2005
Fixed Annuity Trends: Distribution MattersNUCDanny Fisher02/2005
Which Fixed Annuities Are Best For Renewal Rates?NUCDanny Fisher05/2004
Inform The Annuity Agent When Bad Stuff Happens At An InsurerNUCDanny Fisher02/2004
Looking At The Fixed Annuity Market: Where Did Everyone Go?NUCDanny Fisher12/2003
To Boost Annuity Sales, Stress Basics The Way Football Coaches DoNUCDanny Fisher10/2003
Hints From a Broker on Introducing a New AnnuityNUCDanny Fisher02/2003
Should you buy an annuity now?Consumer
Fixed Annuity Sales: Money is Moving Like WaterNUCDanny Fisher10/07/2002
A new idea for gaining high yieldDMNScott Burns9/29/2002
Monthly Nominal Rate TableDanny Fisher
Fixed Annuity Offerings Are UpNUCDanny Fisher2/04/2002
Who is to Blame for High Annuity Lapse RatesNUCDanny Fisher10/08/2001
Cut Out The Confusion, And EIA Sales Should Rise, Experts SayNUCLinda Koco10/01/2001
Peace of Mind Always Cost Something!NUCDanny Fisher8/13/2001
What To Do When Asked "Is my money safe?"NUCDanny Fisher4/9/2001
CD Annuities: Time's Ripe For a Blockbuster Year NUCDanny Fisher2/5/2001
Greed: It's A Powerful Force in Annuity SalesNUCDanny Fisher10/16/2000
Why Push a Five-Ton Annuity Truck Uphill? NUCDanny Fisher5/1/2000
Some CD-Annuities Feature "Good Deals"NUCDanny Fisher1/24/2000
Bonus Annuities Create an Integrity DilemmaNUCDanny Fisher10/11/1999
Clients Are Our Most Valuable AssetNUCDanny Fisher8/16/1999
Big Yield Safari V: Tax Deferred AnnuitiesDMNScott Burns4/6/1999
Learn To Spot 'Phantom' Band AnnuitiesNUCDanny Fisher1/18/1999
Direct Sales Will Spur Agents to Hone SkillsNUCDanny Fisher12/14/1998
Why Put Ira Money Into A Fixed Annuity?NUCDanny Fisher9/28/1998
Try Aggressive Fixed Annuity DevelopmentNUCDanny Fisher7/13/1998
Annuities - Alive & Well?NUCDanny Fisher1/19/1998
Watch for CD & Bailout Annuities to ResurgeNUCDanny Fisher12/15/1997
Don't Forget 'Informal' Income OptionsNUCDanny Fisher8/18/1997
Why Fixed Annuity Sales Are Trending DownNUCDanny Fisher7/21/1997
Agents Need Connection With Their CompaniesNUCDanny Fisher1/20/1997
CD-type Tax Deferred Annuities Competitive 
with Government Bond Funds
DMNScott Burns10/20/1996
Annuities & Seniors - A Perfect Match!NUCDanny Fisher10/14/1996
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