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Annuity Features that can be Filtered 
Insurance Company
Name of Annuity
Effective Annual Yield
Minimum Amount
Initial Rate Period
CD Type
Bonus Credited On
Bail-Out Interest Rate
Rate Subject To
Annuity Funds Investment Type
Free Annual Withdrawal Amount
Monthly Checks Available
Surrender Penalty Length
Penalty Waived w/ Pay Out Over
Penalty Waived @ Death of
Guarantee Return of Principal
Waiver Bail-Out
Additional Premiums Allowed
Max. Issue Ages - Owner/Annuitant
Days Rate Held on Rollovers
Approved in (State)
Tax Status
Company Assets
A.M. Best Rating
S&P Rating
Moody's Rating
IMSA Certified
Year Company Founded


Features with Filtering Not Available
Policy Form Number
Rate Bonus
Premium Bonus
Highest Base Rate
Forfeitable Bonus Available
Rate Guarantee After Initial Period
Minimum Rate Guarantee
Penalty Applied From Date Of
Action Required @ End of Period
Sales & Maintenance Fees
Maximum Annuitization Age
New Rate Effective Date
Expected New Rate
Interest Rate History on New Premium